Dr, Bernstein is a very personable, friendly,and competent Dr. He is very caring sincere, and dedicated to his profession. My wife can finally hear things that she was not able to before going to see Dr.Bernstein. He took his time tested her, and readjusted her hearing aid until she was completely satisfied and hearing things properly. Thank you Dr. B.

Joe W, Staten Island 10314

Dr. Bernstein is a very friendly and caring person and took the time to explain my specific hearing loss problem to me thoroughly. Because my hearing loss was gradual over many years, I had forgotten what it felt like to be able to hear as well as I did in my younger days. Thanks to Dr. Bernstein I am now able to hear very well again and I feel more confident at private and social activities because I don’t have to be constantly asking people to repeat themselves. This young man is an excellent audiologist, a real pro and I walked out of his office pleased that I had selected him to resolve my hearing loss problem.

Bert M, Staten Island 10304

Dr. Bernstein is the man. He really cares about his patients. He goes out of his way and makes you feel very comfortable. I’ve been having hearing lost slowly for years. I just started a new job and that’s when I notice I needed help. Dr. Bernstein solved the problem quickly. I was in his office and tried on the Nu-EAR SDS WOW!!! This product has everything. The sound was so real I just started to cry for joy. I couldn’t believe how much I was missing. You can also see the joy on Dr. Bernstein’s face. Like I said he is the MAN, Thank you Dr. Bernstein for changing my life.

Milton R, Staten Island 10309

I highly recommend Dr. Bernstein. This young man made me feel very comfortable. He is very considerate, has patience. He is an excellent audiologist. He really knows what he is doing. Do not hesitate to make an appointment to see him.

Caroline C, Staten Island 10306

Dr. Bernstein is THE BEST!!! Once you go to him you will never want to go anywhere else. He is excellent. Very knowledgeable. Above all he is a nice person with a lot of patience who loves what he does. Went to him for my mom and he helped her and me. Solved my one sided deafness problem that I had been living with for 7 years.

Caroline J, Staten Island 10306

I live in Brooklyn and was hesitant to come to Staten Island to try out a new audiologist. I have had terrible experiences in the past with audiologists, pushing hearing aids I didn't need, lack of professionalism. I am so happy I came to Advanced Care Audiology. Dr. Bernstein was kind arming and professional. He took the time to listen to what I had to say, he reviewed all my options with me and didn't push anything that wasn't unnecessary. I even priced around the hearing aids he suggested for me and discovered that he wasn't overcharging me or adding any extra expenses. His bedside manner is impeccable. Andy, my husband walked out of the office with a smile on his face. He said this I the first time I went with your to an audio logical appointment and we both came out satisfied! Oh and a side point, Dr. Bernstein is on call even on holidays, he will come in special for you even if the office isn't open!

AnnMarie G, Brooklyn 11209

I have had hearing loss for many years and did nothing about it. I had trouble hearing my boss and co-workers. I decided to try hearing aids from Dr. Bernstein and I have never been so happy! The other day my boss was talking to me and he commented that I was able to hear him. Work and life is such a pleasure! Thank you Dr. Bernstein and Advanced Care Audiology!

Norman L, Staten Island 10314

I received something in the mail about hearing loss. My wife always complained that I couldn't hear her or the TV and she was getting frustrated. I finally decided to do something about it. I went to Dr. Bernstein and i could not be happier. He took so much time to test me and really explain to me my hearing loss and why I having trouble. He suggested many options but ultimately told me I should go with something I am most comfortable with. My life has changed and my wife has never been happier. Thank you Dr. Bernstein!

Sal B, Staten Island 10312

It's been a year since I got my hearing aids from Advance Care Audiology and I couldn't be more satisfied. The service is outstanding. Dr. Bernstein is kind and caring. A wonderful person to deal with. Thank you.

Dianne K, Staten Island 10306

I did not want to go for new hearing aids because the ones that I had previously never worked properly.My two new hearing aids work very well. I am so happy that I now can hear and I am able to hear and enter into conversations. Dr. Berstein is knowledgeable, patient and pleasant. I am so happy that someone suggested that I try him. I highly recommend him.

Rudy M, Staten Island 10306

I have always had hearing loss but was nervous to do something about it. Dr. Bernstein fit me with a set of hearing aids that allowed me to use my natural hearing as well as the hearing aids to hear in all situations. I have never been so happy. He is so kind,sweet, and patient and I am super glad I went to Advanced Care Audiology.

Mary Q, Staten Island 10310

I bought hearing aids from a department store five years ago. I was never happy and always going back for adjustments. When Dr. Bernstein fit me with his hearing aids I knew right away the tremendous difference. It has been 3 months since I got my new hearing aids and I am so happy! No adjustments are needed now and everything works automatic. Thank you Dr. Bernstein

Sam F, Staten Island 10310

I have worn hearing aids for over 10 years. This is the first time I can really experience hearing. Dr. Bernstein found the best hearing aids for my needs. Thank you!!

Bob F, Staten Island 10309

I was so happy to come to Advanced Care Audiology. My hearing aids are great and the service I was provided was outstanding. Not to mention I never have to pay for a battery again! Very highly recommend Dr. Bernstein.

Louis C, Staten Island 10306

We are so happy we chose to use Dr. Bernstein when picking out a hearing aid for out mother. He was so patient, kind and caring and it didnt feel like he was trying to push something that my mother wasnt ready for. He was always available for any questions that we had. Thanks again Gerry and Martha

Gerry H, Staten Island 10314

Dr. Bernstein was a pleasure to deal with. His professionalism and calm demeanor was a great change from the typical offices. He helped me to realize what was happening with my hearing and what options I had in choosing a hearing aid. Thank you! Susan

Susan D, Staten Island 10314

"I Needed an Excellent Audiologist"


"I'm so happy I listened to him"


"Made for IPhone Hearing Aids"


"Improved my life"


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